Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What size do I order?

A. Simply follow our sizing instructions below:

Signature is fully adjustable for ladies and gents.

Sports Ladies 7" gents 8" os standard.

Clothing see adverts.

Q2. How do I pay?

A. By phone or on the website its easy and secure.

Simply call us on 01889 220 396

Q3. When will my goods arrive?

A. We usually ship the same day so in one or two days when using royal mail services. Expedited and recorded deliveries are also available.

Q4. Why are Genius products different?

A. Because we have taken the best available materials and combined them to simply out perform the old performers!

Unique specifications:

•Max Neg ions up to 5400 on the signature (2013)

•Tourmaline a silicon hybrid charged with negative ions so it never runs out.

•Additional negative ion stones

•Germanium for extra health benefits

•Holographic discs encrypted

Q5. Can I make changes?

A. Yes of course! Just email us prior to posting and we will accommodate you happily.

Q6. Is it safe?

A. Genius is not a drug and is completely safe but if in doubt contact your physician first.

Q7. Who and when can I wear my Genius?

A. People of all ages will wear our products every day at work rest and play- we are all individual and so results and benefits will vary.

Q8. Can it get wet?

A. Yes, of course.

Q9. Does it need to be on a particular part of the body or tight to the skin?

A. Not at all, wear it where you like and it doesn’t need to be tight to your skin.

Q10. Is it a magnet?

A. No.

Q11. What are the Holograms made of?

A. Metalic Mylar.

Q12 Will i notice changes ?

A Most people do quite soon, we are all different and respond accordingly, Please try the tests and give it a try -nothings 100% but 97% of our customers are very pleased with the results so we think thats really good positive  feedback !

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